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Ashton & Jonas

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Golden, British Columbia is a magical place that captures the essence of natural beauty and serenity. Ashton and Jonas Bateman choose this beautiful location that fell in the middle of their families and friends who are spread across Alberta and British Columbia.

This hazy day in early September created a touch of romantic mystery and the warmth and kindness of their friends and family filled the air with love and happiness. The bride and groom were surrounded by long-time friends and parents on both sides who are steadfast in their commitment to lifelong love and partnership. From start to end, the day was a beautiful reminder of what it means to love and be loved, and how important it is to have strong, supportive relationships.

The red barn at the centre of the Columbia Wetlands Outpost made for the perfect backdrop for their rustic and elegant wedding, with its rough-hewn wooden beams and warm, natural light. Despite the hazy weather, the love that filled the air was palpable and made for some truly stunning photos. From the intimate - and silly - moments between the bride and groom at sunset to the laughter, joy and sweet memories shared among family and friends during speeches, every moment was filled with the kind of warmth that reminds you of exactly what a wedding day should be.

Ashton and Jonas' wedding day was a beautiful testament is the powerful force that love is in bringing people together and that there is nothing more important than being surrounded by those who love and support us. It was an honour to capture their special day, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love.