Eddie Skincare

Eddie skincare is a brand with a mission to create a skincare routine in every humans life. Yes, every human. For many skincare is seen as a frivolous or feminine activity, when in reality we all have skin. Our skin is the most exposed organ to our external environment, and our microbiome serves as a complex and important first line of defence, so it is critical we are putting our best face forward, literally. To attract and retain customers that currently lack a skincare routine, the goal was to create a brand that is accessible, affordable and easy to use. 

Eddie is a skincare system of simple multifunctional products whose principal focus is accessibility. This has many meanings but primarily the brand focuses on bringing consumers an affordable and easily executed skincare option. Eddie is a flexible three step system that aids consumers in assessing their skin’s needs and finding the right product with ease. At the same time, the system is formulated with real life in mind, containing active ingredients for concerns like dryness, acne and sun exposure in multi-functional formulas to reduce the steps it takes to get glowing skin. 

The poster format will be used in public places as a system of three. This will introduce the three step system and emphasize the simplicity of the product. Presenting the information with some ambiguity creates intrigue and interest in the brand. This will launch before products hit the shelfs to create a buzz about the product. 

Social media content frames the product in a three part format, utilizing motion graphics to bolster the brand’s character. Introducing the information of the web commercial and brand, but in a simplified look with a purpose more tailored to the ephemeral nature of social media.