Lil Ladies

Product Branding, Strategy & Campaign

This advertising project challenged my ability to create a brand that offers instant recognition and identification. Throughout the process, I focused on creating a cohesive brand with a clear brand voice, then applied that to a strategic campaign.

Beginning with creating a brand, I wanted to craft a solid strategy with sound research. The wine industry is one that is typically marketed towards an older demographic, but the belief is now held that in order for the world wine market to grow, more young drinkers must be introduced to wine during the critical years in their early-to-mid twenties. This is when these young consumers form many consumption habits for life. Furthermore, women tend to have up to 20% more ability to distinguish different smells than men, and they have a greater capacity to pick up subtleties in wine. This is one reason women enjoy sweeter wines. For these reasons, I targeted young Canadian women aged 18-30 with an approachable ice wine in order to boost sales of wine with young consumers. The final brand is the perfect combination of classy and sweet. It's approachable and affordable enough to grab on a whim, but refined enough to appeal to young female consumers.

Packaging Design

Keeping the packaging simple with mostly clean lines creates an approachable brand. The logo pulls inspiration from the era of crowded busy newspapers, with its heavy serif fonts contrasted with clean lines. Pairing this with a feminine script helps to balance the mark, while typing it back to the target audience. Two thirds of the colour palette focuses on modern pinks, while the last third pulls this back with a deep muted blue.

The physicality of a hard tube with a branded tissue paper wrapping the bottle makes for an experience that feels much more refined. Adding in the element of the busy tissue paper is an abstraction of the chatter and many stories told between close friends. As well, the newspaper tells the story of the founders as well as an educational piece of Ice Wine. The intention here is to expand brand narrative within the graphic system. 

Social Story Ad

The final advertisement is an animation of the bottle that incorporates the newspaper inspired graphic elements and the old tag line of “Extra! Extra!”. It begins with a layout similar to that seen in the branding that reads “Extra! Extra! Wine all about it”. This plays off the idea that you whine while chatting and catching up with your friends.

The tagline of the adverting campaign “We know you're a little extra”, ties this motif into the company’s slogan is “Sweeten up your story”. Overall the ad concept suggest that the viewer may “sweeten up” (ie; make it either more enjoyable or elaborate) their story by including Lil Ladies Ice Wine in their own girls night.