Video has become an essential way for me to tell stories as a designer. In visual communication design, I believe that the most suitable solutions as well as most captivating stories are weaved through many mediums. These projects demonstrate this belief through taking multidisciplinary inspirations and analyzing the value each holds in it's unique capacity to deliver a message.



This self-directed animation project began as an exploration of the typeface Colfax, designed by Eric Olson in 2002, with the intention to create a dynamic type specimen. The goal was to outline the geometric and linear properties of a versatile san-serif like Colfax. Type specimens are fascinating documents to me, outlining the framework and form of a family but often used to translate the typeface's character to the designer. By bringing this to motion, I hoped to help strengthen the integrity of the typeface.

Using consistent elements to assemble each part of the animation alongside a mechanical rhythmic soundtrack helps to reinforce the geometric personality of the typeface. Grids are used throughout to provide the typography with structure; glitches offer a seamless transition between screens and repeatedly copy types out letter by letter to allow the viewer to preview the entire alphabet in each weight. 



By nature, the architecture which we exist in sets the stage for the scenes of our lives. This short film explores the connections we build to these spaces that we inhabit and our lives' circumstances that become unintentionally defined by their structure.

The first half is a conversation of man's control over architecture. Sweeping shots of strong, dark structures carve the cityscape, erecting the framework that directs our lives' scenes.

The second half constructs the emotion and memories that synthesize the spaces we live in our minds to become much more than the sum of their parts.

Taken together, this film elicits a consideration of the spaces we all hold near to our hearts and what constitutes a home. In a time where we are spending more and more time in our spaces, yet simultaneously more isolated from loved ones than ever, these connections to the space we inhabit will build deep roots in our memories.

The Cleanse


This short film explores a subject's battle with mental health. Having the subject immersed in a clean white pool of water represents the mind and the all consuming nature of the self. Throughout the film, she labours to wash herself clean of these thoughts.